We're committed to supporting new families, future children, and donors.

EmbryoGift exclusively supports known embryo donations.  Our goal is to provide clarity and peace of mind for all parties involved.  Donors choose embryo recipients and share background and medical information. Recipients and their future children have knowledge of genetics, including what the child may look like as an adult and genetic relative interests and hobbies - in addition to medical history.

There are no fees for donating embryos as all costs, including embryo storage fees, are covered by the recipient family.  The donation process involves filling out profiles of donor family, medical and health history as well as values desired in a recipient family.  Recipients fill out profiles as well.

We walk you through the process, providing education and guidance. We aim to establish life-long client relationships and are always happy to continue to advise during your journey.


International and same-sex parents are only able to donate through a known donation. Since EmbryoGift specializes in known donations many of our donors are LGBT families.


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