Is a known embryo donation right for your family?

Known embryo donations enable future children to know what the interests and hobbies were and are of their genetic relatives, what their genetic parents look like and when desired, who they are.  It also enables both parents and children to know how many genetic siblings they have and their locations, and when desired, who they are.

Known embryo donation is not for every couple.  EmbryoGift is committed to known embryo donations and providing children information regarding their genetic siblings and parents.  We ask that all donors and recipients be emotionally invested in making a known embryo donation when signing up for our services.  When considering known donation, ask yourself:

  • Will I feel empowered about this decision now, 18 years from now when the potential genetic children are entering adulthood, or 25 years from now when the children are adults?
  • As a recipient of the donation:
    • Would you like to know family talents or skills that were passed down from generation to generation?
    • Would you like to know where your future child’s genetic siblings live?
    • Would you like to provide you future child access to know what they may look like when they are older?
  • As a donor:
    • Is it important for you to take part in the selection of the recipient couple? (e.g., parenting style, family makeup, race, religion, ethnicity, income, education, etc.)
    • Are you willing to experience vulnerability by knowing more about where your genetics will go?
    • Would you appreciate knowing from the recipient family if a pregnancy resulted and having updates about the child or other future children?


If you know known embryo donation is right for you, what is the next step?

Schedule a free consultation to begin the process for a known embryo donation or call or email us now.  Our contact information is below.

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